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The Ultimate Gift Workshop
The Ultimate Gift Workshop

The Ultimate Gift Workshop

Life is about how you live it not how you spend it!

Be prepared to be Transformed! This full day workshop has the capacity to expose the incredible possibilities that may me hiding inside you.

In one day you will actually experience the twelve gifts .

The inspiration you will experience from the film The Ultimate Gift will translate to transformation as we discover

If you love your work it's not a labour.

Money is simply a tool, not a goal.

True wealth is measured by one's friendships.

We learn through life's trials, we grow through pain.

Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel.

Life's problems teach us how to use good judgment, which in turn teaches us how to avoid life's problems.

Every family, no matter how dysfunctional, has value.

Laughter is the soul's medicine.

Faith is all we need to make our dreams realities.

We gain most when we give ourselves in service to others.

Gratitude comes from recognizing what we have, not dwelling on the things we lack.

Living in the present and taking time for the people we cherish, is the formula for a perfect day.

Love is the greatest treasure. We gain it by giving it away.

The workbook has been designed to become your companion as you work towards your own, special Ultimate Gift!

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