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Teen Files - Responsibilities
Teen Files - Responsibilities

Like it - or not ... as we grow up we must take on more and more responsibilities! Probably one of life's early lessons is that we have to take responsibility for our actions. Every decision we make in life (or don't make) comes with consequences and we have total control of those consequences - good and bad!

Oh no!! That means we can't blame anyone else. That means we gotta look in the mirror to find the culprit. That means we can plan our own outcomes. That means the world's our oyster? What the heck does that mean anyway?


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Responsibilities - MyselfResponsibilities - Myself

Oh... I see. - I am responsible for my own thoughts, habits and attitudes. - And I thought I could keep blaming someone else?

Responsibilities - OthersResponsibilities - Others

What do you mean... "What other people think about me is none of MY business?"  I don't have to keep on trying to impress?  Oh... how liberating!

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