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Teen Files - Wellness

There are people who remain sick because they think that that is their lot . They wallow in self-pity but don t do anything real to rise above their affliction. Some are in victim syndrome they believe being sick gets them attention from others. Wellness, on the other hand, is the result of proactive and on-going decisions that are designed to ensure a long, vibrant and fun life. So which is your preference sickness or wellness? It is actually a choice! Believe it or not. So choose wellness!!

Because sick sucks !

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Sickness-Wellness - Diseases & ConditionsSickness-Wellness - Diseases & Conditions

Oh.. okay, I can see that these are all preventable and, if I get a problem, they are all solvable!  Wow... that's put a better perspective on things.  Thanks!

Sickness-Wellness - Food & FitnessSickness-Wellness - Food & Fitness

"You are what you eat".  So, that's not just a quaint saying?  Fitness and wellness is totally dependent on what I eat.  Better eat better.

Sickness-Wellness - InfectionsSickness-Wellness - Infections

Yuck! I didn't know there were so many ways to get an infection.  It's great to know that they aren't so bad after all.  Early detection is the go!

Sickness-Wellness - Mental Health Part ASickness-Wellness - Mental Health Part A

So.. I'm not as loony as my 'friends' have made me out to be!  Drugs as a last resort sound like good advice.  This will help a lot of my friends.

Sickness-Wellness - Mental Health Part BSickness-Wellness - Mental Health Part B

The way we behave doesn't necessarily mean we are crazy.  It's great to know what is normal and what is not - for real!  Instead of listening to others, I can get the real 'skinny'.  Seems like my friends have a problem, but - nah... only kidding!

Sickness-Wellness - Prevention is The Key No1Sickness-Wellness - Prevention is The Key No1

Oh, how enlightening!  I actually don't have to get sick.  All I need to know were the pitfalls.  Sick sucks!

Sickness-Wellness - Prevention is The Key No2Sickness-Wellness - Prevention is The Key No2

So... all that stuff I learned at school is true?  Thank you for reminding me.  I like the idea of prevention - it's gotta be better than trying to fix it up when you're crook.

Sickness-Wellness - Sexual & Reproduction HealthSickness-Wellness - Sexual & Reproduction Health

Now I totally understand!

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