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The typical duration for a seminar is around two hours! This should allow time for a cuppa and a chat after the lecture.

The presenter will be available during that time to answer questions and to edify and/or endorse the actions proposed by those who brought their guests and friends to the seminar.

As always, Better Living Resource's purpose is to help provide the solutions to the problems that the seminars uncover.

If you would like us to arrange a seminar or workshop in YOUR area, please contact us for particulars.

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"If you don't have enough time for good health - you won't have enough health for a good time!"

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Chronic Energy Syndrome

Chronic Energy Syndrome!

It appears that most Australians today are Sick of Feeling Sick and Tired of Being Tired!

Well.. here's the solution!

There will be no need to be tired, listless or 'run down' after this talk!

The answers are really simple and effective - no need for artificial stimulants!

Health - Its Not a Dirty Word

Health - It's NOT a Dirty Word! is a down-to-earth , entertaining, well researched discussion about the causes of some of the most serious illnesses that seem to have crept up on society.
90% of Aussies die as the result of just 8 preventable diseases!
This seminar will demonstrate the causes! Once the causes are understood, It is a synch to prevent them and, often, to cure them!
The solution is so simple that it confounds the clever people.

The Kitchen Shrink

The Kitchen Shrink

Once upon a time, all we could get to eat was food!
Now, we have a generation of people who don't even know what real food looks or tastes like!
That is no coincidence!

This seminar explains why - and how to regain optimal health.

The Double-Bunger

Your REAL Gift - The Double-Bunger!

Cancer of the BODY - Cancer in our THINKING - Cancerous BELIEFS - Cancer of ATTITUDE - Cancer in the TRUTH - Cancer of your WALLET - Cancer right in the SOUL.

It s ALL covered and It s ALL good!

This is our Flag Ship Event! A DOUBLE seminar (over two action packed, truth exposing seminars!)

Alive... and Loving It

Alive... and Loving It! In the beginning, during our Hunter/Gatherer days, mankind lived in a pristine environment. They enjoyed long lives that were filled with strength and vitality.
Then came greedy Industrialists and Commercial Enterprises! Our environment deteriorated in the space of a short 50 years to one where living a long healthy existence is almost impossible.
This seminar is one place where you will discover the secrets well, they are not really secrets, they are the truths that have gradually been altered. Alive merely brings the truth back. Here is the formula for Better Living. Simple and down to earth! In fact, it is so simple that it confounds the clever people.

ADD   ADHD   Hyperactivity

Alphabet Kids Contrary to popular opinion, ADD/ADHD and other Learning Disabilities are not a disease and they are not a "nervous or mental disorder."
It has nothing to do with intelligence, and is certainly not the result of 'bad' parenting! Many of the world's greatest contributors over the past centuries - those who have altered the course of civilisation - creative visionaries, would have been "diagnosed" as having ADD as they were growing up. Imagine how different this world would be if they had been drugged with amphetamines before they had reached their purpose.

Asthma - an Environmental Disease

ASTHMA - Breathe Easy "Asthma Sufferers ... Suffer NO More!" Asthma is a chronic lung disease that effects over 20% of the children of Australia! ...and it is escalating at an alarming rate. It is no coincidence that the rate of asthma cases increases at the same rate as the production of new chemicals that are being released into our home environment! Asthma is just one of our many environmentally linked illnesses! Here are some simple steps to take that will clear your child from this debilitating illness - for the rest of his/her life! What a promise!

Asthma   Eczema   Autism in Kids

Child Health Forum Childhood Diseases - Are They OUR Fault? The "Child Health Forum" is an information session that will 'blow your mind'! COLIC - ASTHMA - ECZEMA - ADD - ADHD - HYPERACTIVITY - AUTISM - COLDS & FLU and many other illnesses will become illnesses of the past! We'll show you how to correct the problems, where they came from and why... and then we'll equip you with the information to help others PREVENT their children from disease. Yes... they were our fault! ...and now we know how - and why.

Drug Companies and Brain Washing

Cure For An Ordinary Life Have you ever wondered why you believe the things that you believe? From the day we were born we have been programmed to believe other people s beliefs.

Our beliefs about the world around us and ourselves can be limiting and are usually unfounded if we question them. Is it at all possible that we are being programmed?

Here is a seminar that explores these possibilities and shows the links between the way we think today and our level of wellness.

Interestingly, we can change our health outcomes by changing our understanding and then our attitudes!

This seminar will change your life!

Stress   Depression - Anxiety

Don't Stress Over Stress According to the World Health Organisation, stress will be the world's No1 illness by 2020. The subject of this talk will be a natural approach to an increasing problem. Rob McIntyre will demonstrate HOW we are being subjected to stress, WHAT stress does to our bodies and WHERE we can get the best protection from the effects of stress. It is two hours of interesting information presented in a light hearted style, and plenty of reference materials will be issued. Let's prove the W.H.O. wrong!

Hormone Balancing and Oestrogen Disruption

Feelin' Great Seminar All women between the ages of 14 years and 97 would benefit from listening to this talk. You will hear about the lifesaving facts that even your doctor may not know about Premarin, Provera and other HRT drugs. Feelin' Great is an easy-to-follow non-prescription 'Hormone Balance' program. Find out how to stay energised, strong, sexually vigorous, and free from 'female problems' before and menopause. Here you will discover how the baby-boomer women have been exploited by 'big pharma' and how the immense power that the drug companies have was handed to them on a plate.

But... once the dust settles after this lecture... you might get angry BUT, then we'll show you how to get even!

FOOD - The Good - The Bad - The Ugly

FOOD - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! There was a time when all we could get to eat was FOOD. Now... food is being replaced by FOOD-LIKE substances that aren't really what they purport to be! How did a basic question like What should I eat? become so complicated? It is absolutely obvious that more and more of us are getting sick and that the degradation of our food quality is the major culprit. But why, in today's age of wonderful technologies and information, can't companies and agriculture supply us with the nutritious, life-giving, energy-sustaining food that has ALWAYS been there for us in the past? It's simple... just follow the money!


Taming The Tiger We recognize the association of physical symptoms with emotional, behavioural and learning disturbances. The problems that are associated with faulty diets range from depression to attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity. The earliest disturbances are often irritability, moodiness, and sleep disorders, especially nightmares and night terrors. Some children are hyperactive and become difficult to manage at home and later in school; they tend to be impulsive, easily distracted, and may be unusually aggressive or prone to anger and tantrums. "Taming The Tiger" will furnish you with a formula that will ease your pain by curing your 'pussy cat'.

The Fat Fraud

The FAT Fraud People spend billions of dollars a year on pills, potions, gadgets, and programs that promise weight loss yesterday. Most of these products are backed by research and heartfelt testimonials but how do you know when you re being scammed? In a society where everyone is weight obsessed and frustrated at their inability to permanently lose weight, the opportunities for companies to take advantage of consumers are plentiful. Here is a step by step formula that will help you spot the 'fraud' and the 'scam' and, lo and behold, we'll show you how to get to the stage where it won't bother you. You'll be too slim to worry about diets! Then you can get on with the business of "living"!

Who Are The Silent Killers

The Silent Killers Deliberately allowed environmental chemicals affect human health, reproduction, intelligence and social behaviour - leading to learning disabilities, crime and sickness. Certain factions actually control the consciousness of the general population, maintain conflict and prevent planetary growth, while reaping windfall profits from chemically induced neuro-physiological degeneration. This seminar demonstrates how to avoid the pitfalls and how to get and keep our health on track. There's a lot of money in "sickness" - so save your money... don't get sick!

You Are The REAL Gift

Unwrapping Your Real Gift - The Seminar Your real gift is YOU!

When you discover and develop your unique gifts, you will affect your world and everyone in it! What a promise! It s all about making a difference starting with you!
A powerful, inspiring seminar!

International Speaker

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