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Teen Files - Emotions
Teen Files - Emotions

One of the most challenging aspects of being a teenager is the 'roller coaster' ride that seems to attack our emotional equilibrium.
Roller coasters may be fun and scenic (if you have your eyes open) but they can also be scary (especially if it's your first experience)!
These booklets will take the 'questions' out of your emotional rock-n-roll and give you an understanding of why this is happening AND of how to deal with it.

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Problem - What Problem?Problem - What Problem?

As we progress through our teen years, we begin to notice that 'stuff' happens. Life full of responsibilities just seems to be a burden. Here are a few tips that may encourage you, you're not alone and 'stuff' happens to everyone!


One thing is for sure, we can't flourish in life, fulfil our destiny, find ourselves - unless we have learned the often painful lessens of how to get along with others! What others? Try, for a start, parents, teachers, coaches, friends (both sexes), here's some excellent 'tips' just for you.

Stop The World - I Wanna Get Off!Stop The World - I Wanna Get Off!

Ever feel like you're on a giant roller-coaster, and you're ready to get off - but they can't stop the train? That's what it's like for most of us! Check out these articles and you'll see how others have coped and even flourished under pretty trying circumstances and U-CAN-2!

Who Am I - Really?Who Am I - Really?

There are all kinds of changes going on - inside us and around us - as we travel through the intrepid time called "The TeenAge" period. These articles may just give you a few more clues as to what is going on!

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