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Better Living Resources is dedicated to bringing to the Australian public an understanding that "wellness" is a state that can be arrived at only when we take responsibility!
Most Australians, it would seem, believe that government agencies, such as the TGA and FDA etc, and the medical industry have their good health as their major goal - whereas, this is probably NOT the case.
We conduct seminars and lectures throughout the country, that are designed to show the audiences that there are many "pitfalls" that we all need to be aware of, if we are to achieve a disease-free old age.
Products sold on this web site are designed to help in the dissemination of this vital information.
We typically conduct two hour lectures on a variety subjects - but they ALL have the same ending - IF WE EVER WANTED TO BE HEALTHY, LOOK GOOD, LIVE LONG AND FEEL GREAT - WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.
Here are some of the quotes from the seminars...

"...medical and scientific research proves that we have depleted our soils, contaminated our water, polluted our food and our air, degraded our food supply ... and it is the result of the inept and corrupt actions of greed driven agencies ..."
"...if we ever expect to be well and healthy, then it is UP TO US to take control of our own nutritional program!"
"...don't expect the Government nor the Medical 'Industry' to look after your wellbeing ... there's too much money at stake!"
"...this is the information that we should have ALL been given ages ago...but it has been deliberately withheld from us!"

Although the topics may seem controversial to most people, the audiences are furnished with plenty of references so that the participants can take them home and do their own due diligence.
It is our hope to encourage the attendees to take the information on board and to pass it on to their friends. We believe that by running this campaign Australia-wide, we may play some small part in the inevitable change to the "system" of HealthCare as we currently know it.
We expect that, as part of the side effects of this education program, individual's wellness will be radically improved and they will begin to take responsibility for the environment!

Heart Disease - have we completely misunderstood the root cause?

Has your life been touched by cancer? Are traditional therapies working? What is the excellent news about nutrition for cancer?

Why there are at least 18 people cultures living long, disease-free lives in many cases in excess of 100 years? Can we do what they do?

Immunisations - medical breakthrough or tragic error?

Fluoride additives - are they safe?

Why are the incidences of diabetes skyrocketing?

Are nutritional therapies viable for all diseases?

What impact do environmental toxins (chemicals) have on our health?

Wouldn't you just like some honest answers?

If YOU could remove the threat of these conditions from your life forever, even if you have them ... would you?

If you are a responsible person, if you care enough to 'make a difference', if you would like to join our 'mission' - please leave your E-Mail address with us and we will keep you informed with what's happening ...
There are moves afoot to stamp out ALL natural therapies, world-wide we will keep you up-to-date with this progress (we may even call you to arms when the time comes!)
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