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Evil Monsanto - Evil! - Part1


  • A Revealing Look at the Inside of Monsanto And Their Genetic Engineering Machine

  • Alert: The End of Food as We Know It

  • Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy

  • Aspartame Disease

  • Bringing the Culture Back in Agriculture

  • Can You Really Trust Monsanto? - How They Corrupted Science

  • Chemical Companies Had Prominent British Cancer Researcher On Their Payroll, Historical Documents Reveal

  • Creating Super Weeds From GM Crops Is Much Easier Than You Think

  • Dairy: Beware of the Great White Hype

  • Doomsday Vault Ready for Business on the Island of Spitsbergen

  • Drug Company Owns Monsanto and Their Weed Killer Is What Funds GMO Crops

  • Eli Lilly Pays Monsanto $300 Million for Controversial Dairy Hormone

  • Explaining Monsanto's Desire to Ban Current Milk Labelling

  • FDA Set to Approve Genetically Engineered Animals

  • Food Safety in Question: New Concerns to Consider...

  • Former Monsanto Lawyer Hired by FDA as Key Advisor

  • France Finds Monsanto Guilty of Lying

  • Genetically Modified Food Genes Contaminate Humans

  • Genetically Modified Organisms – A Dangerous Experiment

  • GMO Crops Are An Accident Waiting to Happen

  • GMO Giant Monsanto Loses Another Day in Court

  • GM-Soy: Destroy the Earth and Humans for Profit

  • Hazards of Genetically Engineered Food

  • HIV Negative - "Noble Doctors Try New Drugs on AIDS Orphans"

  • Home Depot: Do the Right Thing and Dump Monsanto!

  • How Monsanto Manipulates the System to Poison Your Health

  • How Monsanto Poisons Science at the Cost of Your Health

  • How to Fight Back Against Genetically Modified Foods

  • Investors Behind Doomsday Seed Vault May Provide Clues to Its Purpose

  • Is Your Rice Contaminated With Human Genes?

  • Monsanto: History of Contamination and Cover-up

  • Monsanto Attacks “Hormone-Free” Milk Labels

  • Monsanto Attempts To Claim Patent Ownership Of Pigs

  • Monsanto Defeated on rBGH Animal Drug After 14 Year Battle

  • Monsanto Forced to Withdraw GMO Ad

  • Monsanto GM Corn a Disaster in South Africa

  • Monsanto Is Trying To Take Over The World

  • Monsanto Jumping Into the Seed Business

  • Monsanto Named in 50 Cancer Lawsuits

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