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Paying The Price!

Success is usually only achieved after a great struggle.  ... And that’s only right!  If success came easily, everybody would have it.  Most of us procrastinate, hoping that we can find an easier way.  But, that doesn’t work - never has, never will!  What a waste of our time it is - to be constantly looking for the ‘short-cut’!  Whatever success costs - it costs!  You can’t swap the price tag for your success with the price tag for someone else’s.  Your price for your success is unique to you, and you alone!

The value of anything is determined by the price you pay for it!

Another thing ... you are not likely to easily jeopardise something when you remember what it cost you.  ‘When you have had to fight for something that you value, you are likely to continue to fight to keep it.’

Usually it is ‘fear’ that holds us back!  It could be the fear of failure.  That’s a common one.  Many people would wait for the thing to drop right in their lap rather than risking failure.  In actual fact, however, their greatest concern should be the opposite ... ‘regret that they didn’t even try!’  You see, when you take a close look at the people we perceive as being successful, we will find that they have experienced many failures.  It would almost be correct to say that the more successful a person is, the more failures they have endured.  Successful people embrace failure and see it as a strong learning opportunity.  So, if the fear of failure is what’s holding you back - feel the fear and do it anyway!  Waste time no longer!  Success awaits you - just beyond the struggle!

Perhaps it is criticism you fear?  Let’s face it ... as you move upwards, certain people will find your success offensive, whether you’re arrogant or not.  (To many people, your success makes them look and feel bad - it exposes them - so, rather than joining you on the road to success, they prefer to take the easy option which is to criticise you.)  If your fear is the fear of criticism, feel the fear and do it anyway!  Just don’t get insecure or defensive.  Those who would criticise you have the problem - not you!  ..And anyway, you have a responsibility to succeed so that they can see the possibility for them - you will be showing them the way!

Advancement often brings temporary isolation and criticism - this is, more often than not, the grooming for you to become a better person, preparing you for your next level in the success journey.  It is a critical period - a period of testing - so be aware that, provided you see it for what it is, you will soon begin to attract a whole new set of circumstances and people that are just right for you at your new, higher, more fulfilling and more rewarding plane of achievement!

Can you handle the price?  Not everyone can!  But, if you’re the kind of person who can’t sit on the sideline while others are playing the game, then go for it!

The higher the price, the richer the reward!

 - now, that’s success!