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Poverty!...It’s a ‘Rip-off’!

In all of nature, it is apparent that abundance is the heritage of this planet.  As humans, being part of this planet, we too, have a destiny to grow, to succeed, to prosper, and to find happiness while we’re here!

In Australia, the land abounding with opportunities, it is within the reach of any person to find within his own life a personal realisation of the very best of all that exists, including wealth.  Wealth is NOT evil - poverty is evil!  For poverty (except in extreme exceptions) represses individuals and groups of individuals who have elected not to use their individual talents.  They choose, rather, to allow those who have discovered and used their talents, to take care of them.

We are all blessed with all the raw materials necessary for progress - imagination, ideas, inspiration and an undeveloped intellectual capacity ... a capacity that is totally without limitation.  The only limitation placed on our abilities is our inability to easily recognise our unlimited nature.

To wallow in a state of failure, poverty, self-pity, self-martyrdom or mediocrity in any form is contrary to laws of our very existence on this planet.

It takes effort to become aware of our unlimited potential; it takes effort to become enthusiastic over a cause or an occupation; it takes effort to continue when our results, as well as our friends, tell us to give up trying; it takes effort to feel right about everything that happens, the joys as well as the sorrows of life; and it also takes effort to learn to love ourselves above all others, especially when we are consciously aware of our failures, doubts and tragedies. 

It does not, however, take effort to fail!  It only requires a deteriorating attitude about our present, our future and about ourselves.  It’s strange how there are very few things in life over which we have total control, and our own attitude is the major one.  Too many of us, however, live our entire life behaving as if we had no control whatsoever.

By our attitude we decide to read or not to read; By our attitude we decide to try or to give up; By our attitude we blame ourselves for our failures or we foolishly blame others.  Our attitude determines whether we love or hate, tell the truth or lie, act or procrastinate, advance or regress, and by our own attitude we can decide whether to succeed or fail.

Poor planning and poor attitudes are what lead to poverty.  Old age and lost income can leave us saddled with medical bills we can’t pay and children who can’t take care of themselves let alone their parents. 

“Poverty is a silent prison that needs no walls and no chains; it locks us in

without options and without hope...!” - (so, offer hope!)

One illness or one accident can rob us of all we have.  One long-term injury can change our life as we know it!  Jobs end and companies close; stocks fall and investments fail.  That doesn’t mean we should avoid investing, planning or working ... it just means that we need to have a good ‘back-up’ plan!