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Summer ... The Time of Activity and Nurturing

Success in life requires constant effort.  Progress and happiness is always going to be confronted by obstacles!  Obstacles exist to discourage the weak and undeserving.  Once we overcome one obstacle in life, another will appear to fill the void.  Life is designed to be achievement in spite of adversity, NOT in the absence of adversity.  Without adversity, achievement cannot exist!  There would be no life-form on earth if it were to surrender when confronted by difficulty!  Plants and animals (including humans) can be absolutely sure of this ... weeds and bugs will always exist!  They are parasites that feed and survive on the good efforts of the industrious.

The Summertime is the time to protect; time for constant daily effort to guard against the busy bugs and noxious weeds.  In Spring we create things of value and Summer is the season for growing and gaining strength.  The bugs and weeds of life are there to test the human will to succeed.  The truth is ... ALL GOOD WILL BE ATTACKED! 

The weeds of life are designed to turn confidence into doubt, trust into suspicion, patience into impatience and effort into procrastination, worry and eventual defeat!  We mustn’t take time to ponder them.  The bugs, weeds, rocks and storms of life are, of course, unfair ... but they exist, they will always exist and they exist as a test of the worthiness of our goals.  We must accept that there is a perpetual existence of negativity and that negativity will always yield to constant human effort coupled with the constantly growing human faith and attitude!

We must always smile at adversity and act quickly to eliminate it; accept adversity, for it will definitely appear; be grateful for adversity, because it forces the human spirit to grow - human character is formed by our response to difficulty NOT by the absence of difficulties.

Our life, as we are presently living it, is the harvest we are reaping as the result of the seeds that were sown in the past.  Some of the seeds we planted ourselves.  Others, most of them, were planted by parents, teachers and other well-meaning, but often misguided people whose own poor thinking habits were passed on to us!  Whatever the source of the seed planting, our current attitude, finances, environment, lifestyle and our view of our future possibilities are our current circumstances.  To change those circumstances, we need to change the cause of those circumstances - and that is ourselves!

 We must change our attitudes, habits, our opinions, sometimes our occupation,

residence and even friends, if our circumstances are ever going to change!  To change, requires massive and focussed action.  We will need to invest our time in worthy projects; invest our thoughts towards a worthy purpose; invest our talents towards a worthy occupation; invest our affection towards a worthy recipient; and reserve our greatest respect for ourselves!

It has always been, since the beginning of time, that the only thing we have control over is ourselves.  We can’t control the weather, traffic, the one we love, our neighbours or our boss ... so we should learn to control US!  When we can, the weeds and bugs will not affect the way we deal with adversity.

Seasons will change!  Change will either bless us or run over us like a steamroller, but, either way, it’s going to be a part of our life.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!”