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Treatment For Alphabet Kids

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The four most important things you can do to help heal your child are:

1. Bring the toxin load down

2. Help the gut heal

3. Get the nutrients up

4. Get the metals and other toxins out

1. Bring the toxin load down. Toxins are anything that creates stress on the body because they are challenging for the body to excrete. Unfortunately, we as human beings cannot cope with all the toxins we are now putting into our environment. This is particularly true for children, and more true for children suffering from heavy metal poisoning. The following list is representative of the things you can do to bring the toxic load of your child down. No parent is able to do everything on this list. No parent is able to make a lot of changes overnight.

a. Remove casein (dairy) and gluten (wheat) from the diet. Much has been written about the "GF/CF" diet. Our experience is that this diet tends to benefit most children. The simple explanation is that wheat and dairy proteins are very hard for the body to digest, often permeate the gut of children with environmental toxicity, get into the bloodstream where they do not belong, and serve as a neurotoxin creating "brain fog". Most parents see faster results when they remove dairy. If this feels daunting, perhaps experiment with dairy removal first and see if you see any changes in your child. Removing dairy will not deplete your child of nutrition, particularly if you follow the guidelines under Step 3. 

b. Remove other food allergens from the diet. The most common allergens are dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, and corn. Most children who are sensitive to dairy are sensitive to soy. (Use rice milk as a milk substitute, not soy milk). An ELISA blood test measuring IgE and IgG anti-bodies will help you determine your child’s food sensitivities.

c. Get rid of bad food and sugar. Trans fatty acids (anything with the word "hydrogenated" in it), artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, nitrates (in hot dogs), and aspartame (Nutrasweet) all add stress to the body. We highly recommend you switch to only natural and organic foods and try to limit sweets as much as possible.

d. Remove conventional household cleaners. There is a natural version of every household cleaner you own available from companies like Neways International. Conventional cleaners like 409, Ajax, etc. are filled with toxins that your children ingest and have to process. Natural cleaners are significantly less toxic.

e. Add a HEPA air filter to your child's room. This will help keep toxins in your house down.

f. Cook to keep toxins down. Cook only on stainless steel (non-stick pans have aluminium). Don’t cook on or with aluminium foil. Never microwave plastic (it leeches into the food).

g. If your child needs dental work, never use "silver" fillings, as they contain mercury. If your child has mercury fillings, get them removed with a mercury-free dentist.

h. If your child needs a vaccination, ensure they are Thimerosal-free – or, better still, find a homeopath to do the job.

i. Don't renovate while you live at home. A renovation project in the middle of trying to reduce the toxic load will put a lot of stress on your child's body. New paints, new carpets, and sealants all produce Volatile Organic Compounds that are very hard for the body to process.

j. Use fluoride-free toothpaste. Fluoride is a potent neuro-toxin. Natural toothpastes that are based on chlorine dioxide and contain no sodium laurel sulphate – or derivative - will do an effective job at preventing tooth decay without being poisonous. There's a reason fluoride toothpaste has to say on the label "contact poison control" if swallowed (see for yourself).

2. Help the gut heal. Environmental illness typically causes gastrointestinal distress and food sensitivities. When the gastrointestinal system is compromised, the immune system suffers as well. Some of the ways to help the gut heal include:

a. Removal of Food Allergens. Per the above, gluten and casein seem to be the most common allergens.

b. Omega 3 Krill Oil Supplement. Krill oil is a critical supplement for that provides much needed Vitamin A and also helps to heal the sensitive walls of the intestine.

c. Probiotics and Prebiotics. Probiotics are natural supplements that provide the stomach with "good" gut flora.

d. Digestive Enzymes. Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down foods, which can help eliminate large proteins gaining access to the blood stream. 

e. Bovine Colostrum. Bovine colostrum is a natural supplement that provides many gut-healing and immune-system boosting properties.

3. Get the nutrients up. A broad vitamin and mineral supplement is critical for restoring health. Minerals are particularly important because many toxins like mercury directly impact mineral transport within the body. Zinc, Selenium, and Magnesium are particularly important for restorative health. Also, the use of certain chelating agents may deplete minerals which means the build-up of mineral levels in advance of Chelation or other forms of detoxification is very important.

4. Get the toxins out. Detoxification is critical to restoring your child to proper health. Some of the more popular forms of detoxification include:

a. Oral Chelation. The most popular chelating agents include DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA. Dr Cilento produced an effective Oral Chelation multivitamin.

b. Natural detoxifiers. There are a number of natural products for removing heavy metals and other toxins.


  • Ritalin is clearly NOT effective treatment in about 30% of children.
  • Ritalin lowers the epileptic seizure threshold.
  • Ritalin rarely, if ever, stops bedwetting associated with ADD/ADHD.
  • Ritalin reduces appetite dramatically in many children and can stunt growth.
  • Ritalin may cause tics which were not present before treatment.
  • Ritalin rarely helps ADD/ADHD people wake easily or feel less grumpy in the morning.
  • Ritalin rarely helps ADD/ADHD individuals fall asleep more easily at night.
  • Ritalin may cause insomnia.
  • Ritalin even in a sustained-release form does not have a 24-hour action.
  • Ritalin doses commonly must be taken multiple times each day.
  • When Ritalin effect wears away, there very often is a severe "let-down" or "emotional crash" and sometimes with return of violent behaviour.
  • Ritalin can be abused by children and adults.
  • Ritalin can cause dependence.
  • Ritalin in high doses can cause cardiac (heart) death.

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