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Autumn .... Harvesting The Fruits of Our Labour

Although Autumn can be a season of great joy and celebration, it can also be a season for turmoil, anxiety and even regret!

For those who planted abundantly in Spring, and who fought against the bugs, weeds and weather in Summer, Autumn can bring great rewards and rejoicing.

For those who procrastinated in Spring, and for those who allowed the storms and criticism of Summer to affect them, Autumn will/should be the season for a searching of the conscience.

You see, Autumn is the season of judgement.  The final truth for our effort and diligence cannot hide anymore!  This is the time when pretence, deceit and cover-ups are brought to the light.

An empty bank account is the sign of an ineffective past effort; a sign of missed opportunity, procrastination and/or laziness.  The ‘law’ of the universe is faultless.  It applies to everyone whether they be a farmer or a business person, a house wife or a prime minister, a child or a grand-parent, black or white.  The ‘law’ works under every circumstance - always has, always will!

“As you sow, so shall you reap!”

In all areas of our life, whatever we put into the world - be it thoughts, words or deeds - is exactly what we will get back.  There is no short-cut to reaping a quality lifestyle ... all effort, be it service, marketing, recruiting or products must bring good to all those who are involved or the effort will not withstand the test of time!

The tendency of humans is to look at those who enjoy success as having been , at some earlier time, either lucky or dishonest.  But, those are the thoughts and the language of the ‘poor’, the procrastinators, the foolish.  The rich man with the car and the house on the hill has been justly rewarded for efforts expended in the Springtime of his life.  The ‘have-nots’ will always scorn the ‘haves’ ,,, that’s why they remain the ‘have-nots’!

We either enjoy the Autumn or we make excuses.  Too often, those whose lack of vision, poor work habits and general waste of time and effort, has now manifest itself in poor crops or even no crops at all, will make excuses.  But excuses don’t cut the mustard.  Excuses are merely apologetic attempts to place blame on circumstances, rather than ourselves!

The difference between reaping an abundant crop of life and a poor crop (if any) is the same as the difference between massive effort in Spring and average (or no) effort in Spring.  Nature always promises that a cup produces a bushel ... that we will receive more than we plant.  The secret to reaping many bushels is to plant many cups.  It all boils down to ... “Don’t just do your best - do everything that it takes!”

Sometimes, to improve our results we must make an admission that our present field is just too rocky, or thorny or that the fertile soil is too shallow.  Difficult as it may be, if this is the case, moving to another, fertile field is the best, and only answer.

For the smart, the ‘soul-searching’ of Autumn will lead to new solutions. These people will enter the Winter - and enter they must - with an expectancy of change.  They will embrace the lean time, the storms and the empty stomach, and they’ll use the Winter to sharpen their tools, read the books, listen to the tapes and eagerly await the first opportunity of Spring .. then having learned their lesson, will plant massively.

For the not so smart, the excuses will continue long into the Winter.  They'll still be lamenting their circumstances and will not be ready for the Spring.

For the successful, the best of the crop will be set aside as seed for next Spring; they will enjoy and savour the moment, the rewards; and they will ready for the Winter with a full belly.