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“Life”... It’s A Part Of Nature!

Life seems to be a constant series of “ups” and “downs”.  In some aspects of our human experience we may be having a ‘downer’, while at the same time, in some other aspect of our life we may be way up there almost in euphoria! - or, at least, doing “okay”.  Have you ever stopped to ponder why?

Well, nature provides us with some of the answers.... as it often does!  For thousands of years it seems, the tide comes in and then recedes; the sun rises, giving light, and then sets, bringing darkness; drought plagues the farms of the world followed by rain and abundance; one day we swelter under the sun in intense summer heat, on another day we rug ourselves up to protect ourselves against the penetrating cold of a winter storm; prosperity brings abundant opportunities and rewards but will withdraw at another time when the business climate downturns; a smile gives way to a tear; joy to sorrow; jubilation to tragedy.  For all of us, at various times, in differing degrees, confidence is replaced, with the passage of time, by doubt; patience is replaced by stress; expectancy by boredom; and achievement by disillusionment.  As the wheel of life continues its constant turn, all human emotions appear, disappear and appear again.

It is through this understanding that change is, and always will be, an inevitable factor of life.  It is through this, too, that we learn our greatest lessons.  Our major challenge is to learn to experience the changing OF life’s cycles without being changed BY them; to make a constant and conscious effort to improve ourselves in the face of changing circumstances and not to allow the circumstances to effect our feelings and attitudes to life!  When we can achieve this, we can be assured of a calm tolerance for the Winters of life’s events, and we will ensure that we will gain full enjoyment of the blessings of life’s harvest in the Autumn. 

(“We don’t have to like the rain ... we just have to understand its purpose!”)

All facets of human experience must pass through the four seasons ... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Most experiences, thankfully, consist of many cycles, allowing us to learn and grow.

As we pass through a complete cycle, the lessons can be learned well or they can be ignored or even scorned.  When we learn our lessons well, we get to graduate to a new level of life-cycle which gives us cause to grow; but, sadly, if our lessons are not heeded, we must enter the same cycle for a repeat course of the same!  Life has it that we cannot step up a level until we have understood all the lessons that our present situation has to teach us.

Some of the cycles of life can be over in the space of just minutes, some take years.  We can be in Winter on one cycle and Summer on another.  The cycles that take the longest to evolve, generally, are the most important.

Some people, unfortunately, remain in the same place, at the same level, in the same circumstance, year after year after year.  The longer they remain in that rut, the more they tend to blame circumstances.  One thing is for sure, however, until they realise that, if they really want their life to change, they must first change - or no growth can occur.

It is another fact of life that what, and where, we are today is exactly where we have put ourselves!  We are the sum total of all of those people and events that have touched us since we were born.  Every thought we have entertained has had its effect on what we are now.  Every movie we have watched; every book or magazine we have read; every TV show we have viewed have all had their effect.  Every disappointment, triumph, doubt, dream and love for someone has had their effect.  What we are and what we have, we have slowly brought upon ourselves.  It is human tendency to blame someone or something else for our lack of progress.

Those people and events that have left their mark - whether favourable or not - are now behind us.  If we are ever going to change our personal or financial circumstances from one level to the next, we must accept the fact that such progress must consist of doing, as well as un-doing.

If our attitudes, results or happiness are to ever to improve, we must exercise the painful discipline required for ‘weeding-out’ the garden of our life.

Many of the events and people who currently influence us must be sacrificed.  Those sources of doubt, worry, negativity, greed and selfishness must be cut away - for, as long as those influences remain, change is not likely to occur.

The good news, though, is that every Winter is always followed by Spring.  Spring always brings with it, opportunity and activity.  All we need to do is seize the opportunity and diligently and fervently commit to an abundant cycle.  (...and it is our choice to do so!)

Springtime often only presents itself for a short time.  It is not a time to linger nor to ponder the possibility of failure.  Dwelling in the past at this time is what keeps most people from reaping a successful crop next Autumn.  As humans, we have the intelligence, wisdom and freedom of choice to exercise the discipline to plant - in spite of the rocks, weeds, birds and thorns of the world - for they cannot destroy all the seeds if we plant massively enough and intelligently enough.

Can you imagine a farmer refusing to sow seed because the times are hard?  Every harvest you reap contains the seed for the next harvest!  If we don’t sow that seed, we break the cycle!  Whatever we lack ... sow!  (It’s our guarantee for a better future - it’s our doorway out of trouble!)  The more we sow, the bigger will be the harvest.

In the parable of the sower, the farmer sowed seed in four different kinds of ground, but only one of them produced anything.  What happened to the seed in the other three?  Well, one was choked by weeds; one was ruined by rocks and the other was devoured by birds.  It’s still the same today ... We either spend our life pulling out weeds, removing rocks or scaring birds ... or sowing seeds.  We should make the right choice and we’ll prosper.  Make the wrong choices and we will see a long, hard Winter.

Here are our options ...

1.  Quit because of the ‘weeds’ that trip us up, or attempt to choke the life out of our dreams.

2.  Get discouraged because of the ‘rocks’ we have to climb over, or get around, on the way to our goals.

3.  Exhaust ourselves fighting the ‘birds’ that constantly attack our values and try to rob us of our vision.

4.  Go through life sowing ‘good seeds’ and reaping good harvests

It’s our choice.

Negative thinking will always empower our problem and keep us from reaching our destiny!  It’ll ensure that our harvest never makes it to the barn!

We must focus on the end prize!  When things go wrong, just keep right on sowing!