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Spring ... The Season of Opportunity and Optimism

The Springtime of life manifests itself infrequently.  Many harvests  never come to fruition through procrastination in this season.  Spring is the time of anticipation, belief, and faith woven with action.  This is the season to enter the bleak, empty fields given to us in the form of a new chance!  Massive action must be expended right now!   Now is NOT the time to complain, entertain doubt or pessimism, or to wallow in self-pity over the severity of your winter of circumstances.  Now is the time to work hard and intelligently.

Sadly, though, because we are creatures with a free will, many of us will not exercise our full potential as we contemplate the future based on the past.  We have the choice to use discipline; to act with courage or to huddle in fear; to think or to respond!

It is in this moment when we act or we allow another chance to go by.  Many (no...most) of us will cling to our security of the past rather than let go and boldly step out into an unknown future.  It is not until the pain of staying the same becomes so unbearable that we make a decision, a commitment, to face the pain of making a gain.

Life does not give us an assurance that the planting of seeds will provide us with the reaping of a crop.  Life does, however, in no uncertain terms, assure us that no planting will definitely ensure that there will be no crop!

The law of life decrees that whatever we sow we will reap a multiple of the same type of seed!  For every cup we plant, we will reap a bushel.  For every good idea given to another, we will have many given to us in return.; for every act of faith, a multiplicity of rewards; for every act of love given, a life of love in return; for each seed of encouragement, a getting of strength in our own courage.

Similarly... sow lies, reap lies; sow greed, reap poverty; sow inactivity, reap an empty storehouse; procrastination will yield an ineffective future.

Failure to exert the pain of discipline in the Spring will surely bring on the greater

pain of regret in Autumn.  We must either plant during the Springtime of life,

or beg from others during the Autumn and Winter.

Note:  “It is sheer folly to expect a harvest in the same season in which we sow!”

Just as the soil gives back what we plant into it ... so. too. will the mind.  The thoughts you plant will bring forth a harvest after their own kind.  We have complete control over the thoughts we choose to plant.  The price, or effort, of planting thoughts is the same, whether they be thoughts of love, prosperity or self-

confidence; or thoughts of hate, poverty or self-doubt.  Same cost - different rewards!

Every day is given to us as a new season of Spring!  The thoughts, dreams, deeds and efforts of today will provide tomorrow’s harvest.  It’s up to us to seize the moment or to suffer the regret!

Life is a constant beginning, a constant opportunity, a constant Springtime.  ‘We must become wise enough to recognise the faint glimmerings of the Springtimes of life which manifest themselves each day; the opportunity to listen to the words of those wiser than ourselves; the opportunity to lift a child onto our knee; the opportunity to walk along a beach with someone we love; the opportunity to absorb the value of a good book; the opportunity to speak good about someone, when habit would prompt us to find fault; the opportunity to watch the birds, the flowers, or a butterfly perform strange miracles; seize the infrequent opportunity to do nothing for a change, or something for a change; force ourselves to turn the television off and embrace the opportunity for having a family conversation - or even silence; Opportunity surrounds us all, appearing and disappearing just as fast, leaving behind fond memories to those who responded to its appearance, or regret to those who were then too busy to bother’.