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Unwrapping Your Real Gift
Brown paper has been used to package a multitude of things since the beginning of time it seems

Brown paper has been used to package a multitude of things since the beginning of time it seems. Ever since I can remember, there have always been brown paper bags.

Brown paper bags have been a source of fascination to me because there is a certain mystique about them. They beckon me to peek inside and discover the secret they hold. In my recollection, things that have been packaged in brown paper, more often than not have been beautiful or precious things.

Unlike the modern, transparent and impersonal plastics of today, the good old-fashioned brown paper, tough and resilient, still remains the wrapping of choice when it comes to special gifts. We can, of course, dress the present up with coloured string and ribbons if we wish but, let s face it, when we are handed a gift, no matter what it is wrapped in, we just can t wait to find out what s inside, can we?

This book, bound in brown paper, contains the greatest of all gifts. As you read the pages; as you discover what s inside; as the truth of the words begin to effect you you will be led to an amazing revelation. The gift you are seeking is not in any of the chapters is not on any of the pages. The gift is, in fact, you!

Wow! What a promise! You are the gift all bound up, just waiting to be to be unwrapped.

Don t keep yourself from the rest of the world. Go and find out what is inside!

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hhh . . . this book is written, For those of us who want to know, but who don t want anyone else know that we know!

We have specially printed this book using our patented quiet ink so no one will hear you reading it! We have done this to protect your image.



ave you ever thought about writing a book? Well, I hadn t until just now. It just has never crossed my mind. So why has it suddenly become such a big deal?

I have no idea! I wish I knew!

One thing is for sure, it had better be a good book because I m going to have to read it many times before it is finished and I only like to read good books.

But, hang on Rob this book is not about me!

Oh yeah! That s right, it s all about you.

Yes you ... the one who is reading this page right now! YOU!

Well what are you waiting for? Are you going to read the rest of the book, or what? That s why you opened it, isn t it? You wanted to see if it s any good, didn t you?

Well, take it from me it s a beauty!

If this introduction sounds confusing to you it is! That s because, like me, you are probably confused too. Maybe you don t know it yet, but trust me, we re confused. (But don t tell anyone!)

Ah, there s the object of this book! Right there! How to Recognise Confusion and How to Eliminate It.

Good one, Rob. Now let s see how we re going to achieve that!

About the author

Rob McIntyre is a co-director of Better Living Resources, a company dedicated to providing seminars, workshops, CDs, CD ROMs, DVDs, books and other resources to support those people who have discovered the secrets of wellness and wellbeing and who are taking the stand to make a difference.

Rob is a researcher, entrepreneur and an international speaker, lecturing on a wide range of topics from health and nutrition to personal development.

A devoted husband and father, Rob is passionate about encouraging everyone to step out of the darkness into the light and to becoming proactive in reaching their destiny.

Please CLICK HERE... to read part of the first chapter☺

Unwrapping Your Real Gift

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