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Audio CD - Child Health Forum

Audio CD - Child Health Forum

Audio CD - Child Health Forum
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The Child Health Forum

This is a 75 minute recording of one of Rob McIntyre's live seminars.

Childhood Diseases - are they OUR fault?

The "Child Health Forum" is an information session that will 'blow your mind'!

COLIC - ASTHMA - ECZEMA - ADD - ADHD - HYPERACTIVITY - AUTISM - COLDS & FLU and many other illnesses will become illnesses of the past!

This CD shows you how to correct the problems, where they came from and why... and then it equips you with the information to help others PREVENT their children from disease.

Yes... they were our fault!

...and now we know how - and why!

Here are the subjects covered in this seminar:

The Cancer Industry

Is There Really An Answer For Cancer?


Vaccinations - What They Are - and What They Are NOT!

The Unscrupulous Dumping Of Chemicals Into Our Foods

Harmful Chemicals - In Our Cleaning Products?

Nutritional Shortfalls - Causes and Solutions

Milk? What's Wrong With Milk?

Breast is Best

Making good decisions now will affect your child s whole life!

If you don't take care of your child s body where are they going to live?

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