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DVD - Chemtrails

DVD - Chemtrails

DVD - Chemtrails
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This Just Can't Be True Can It?

Just what exactly are those mysterious airplane vapour trails seen filling skies? A group of independent investigators may have the answer.

In a series of high-tech programs that would enthral the most dedicated science fiction fans, the air force is producing what have become known as "chemtrails" - the thick, viscous aircraft engine trails that have been poisoning the air and ground with toxic chemicals.

We have been in contact with experts in fields ranging from medicine to nuclear energy who have been investigating the mysterious trails left by planes in skies all over world.

These "tracks" in the skies, believed to be left by a combination of air force and civilian aircraft drawn into the massive, multi-billion dollar program, are unlike regular high-flying aircraft's vapour trails. Instead of dissipating rapidly, these so-called "chemtrails" mesh together for hours and are often mistaken for natural clouds.

The principal chemical being deposited in the air consists of various mixtures of barium salts, which were revealed in studies undertaken by a Pennsylvania based high-tech weapons scientist. Chemicals, he said, were being utilized as part of the development of a new radar system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Considerable effort has been put into chemtrail research by a physicist who has been associated with Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, N.Y. The scientist, with his fellow researchers, has determined that the chemtrails are being created by efforts of the world governments in at least four major, but separate, projects.

The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from hitting the Earth, including ultra-violet radiation that will come through without an adequate layer of ozone in the upper regions above the Earth. In the event of global warming, this, it is hoped, could lower temperatures on the surface of the Earth and block ultra-violet radiation from causing skin cancer in humans. The aerosol being used is the only one of the government programs that does not use the barium mixtures.

That, in itself sounds okay (although, you can be excused if you were to wonder why we are not being told), but once you hear the other three projects, you will understand why!

It is time for us ALL to WAKE UP and take responsibility!

This DVD contains the following Documentaries:

  • "Aerosol Crimes"

  • "Chemtrail Overdose"

  • "Chemtrails and Open Air Testing"

  • "Chemtrails of Death"

  • "Ex-Government Employee - Whistleblower."

  • "History Channel - Validating Chemtrails"

  • "Killer Chemtrails - The Shocking Truth"

  • New World Order and The Chemtrails Connection".

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