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DVD - Swine Flu?  Sure And Pigs Can Fly!

DVD - Swine Flu? Sure And Pigs Can Fly!

DVD - Swine Flu?  Sure And Pigs Can Fly!
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Swine Flu? Sure And Pigs Can Fly!

The Swine Flu "pandemic" never was about the health of the world's population! It was all about moving closer the their "New World Order". The Swine Flu vaccination caused more pain, grief and death that the flu itself. It is time for us all to take a common sense look at the mind games.

This DVD consists of 15 separate Video Clips - you'll never have a "flu shot" again after watching this important work.

  • CBS - 60 Minutes on Swine Flu

  • 250 Children in Brisbane Ill After The Flu Jab

  • Big Pharma Exposed Over Swine Flu Hoax

  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny

  • Flu Shots Linked To Alzheimer's Disease

  • Girl Took (Swine) Flu Shot And Ended Up Getting Dystonia

  • Nurses and Scientists Refuse Swine Flu Vaccine

  • Obama's Eugenics Hoax Exposed

  • Swine Flu - Alex Jones

  • Swine Flu Hoax Exposed

  • Swine Flu - Dr Len Horowitz

  • Swine Flu - Senator Ron Paul

  • Vaccinations - Medical Miracle or Failure

  • WHO's 2009 Swine Flu Threat Now Exposed as A Hoax - Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

  • Woman Disabled by This Year's Flu Shot

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