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DVD - Women And Hormones

DVD - Women And Hormones

DVD - Women And Hormones
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Women And Hormones

It is a fact that most mainstream cosmetic and personal care products contain at least one hazardous chemical compound, and many contain far more than that. By various estimates, there are between about 5,000 and 10,000 ingredients currently being used in everything from eyeliner and lipstick to shampoos and deodorants. While many are thought to be perfectly safe, many are not. The National Institute of Occupational Safety, for example, has identified almost 900 personal care chemicals that are toxic in one way or another. Some cause cancer. Others cause hormone disruption. Some are neurotoxins. And still others can cause organ damage. In Europe, some 400 of these dangerous materials have been banned from consumer products.

Pfizer wants YouTube to shut down this video! It tells about a woman who won 78 MILLION after a jury found that PREMPRO CAUSED HER BREAST CANCER! Why doesn't Pfizer want you to see it?

This is an in depth look at the dangers of bisphenol a (BPA), and recommendations to avoid it. It includes topics such as BPA free baby bottles, pacifiers, sterilizers, teether, and breast-feeding. Brands such as BPA free Gerber, Avent, Dr. Browns, etc.

Dr. Hyla Cass lists what she believes are problems with the birth control pill and why it can be dangerous to the health of women taking it.

Large clinical studies over long periods of time, have recently shown us that what women were being told about the benefits of HRT or hormone replacement therapy, was in fact, totally wrong. We were told that HRT would reduce a woman s risk of heart disease, gallbladder problems, stroke and many forms of cancer. The facts revealed by these large clinical studies have shown us just the opposite. Women taking HRT such as Premarin or Prempro and others had as much as a ten-fold increase in heart disease, a fifteen-fold increase in gallbladder disorders and an almost epidemic increase in breast cancer!

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