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DVD - Body Pollution

DVD - Body Pollution

DVD - Body Pollution
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Body Pollution

NBC's Tom Brokaw report on how our bodies maybe contaminated with toxic chemicals from use of everyday products, including make-up and food supply.

In a 2005 Skin Deep report, research found that 33% of personal care products were linked to cancer, 45% were found as possibly harmful to the reproductive system or baby's development and 60% could act like estrogens or disrupt hormones.

Toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and learning disabilities do not belong in products we use on our bodies.

Studies reveal that every single one of us is contaminated with scores of synthetic chemicals that are know to be toxic. Toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and learning disabilities do not belong in products we use on our bodies.

Under current trends, an average of over 160 chemicals are absorbed through our skin every day.

Another resource is: The Dirty Dozen

Here are 12 Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products
* Antibacterials
* Coal tar colors: FD&C Blue 1, Green 3
* Diethanolamine (DEA)
* Formaldehyde from quaternium 15
* Fragrance
* Hydroquinone
* Mercury and lead
* Nanoparticles
* Methyl-, propyl-, butyl- and ethyl parabens
* Petroleum distillates
* Phenylenediamine (PPD)

Decide for yourself. Bis-Phenol A is an additive in clear, hard plastics. It is used in water bottles, baby bottles, soda can liners, etc. and is known to leach into the foods and liquids which are stored in it. It is in recycling category 7 (on the bottom of the bottle, in the triangle). Independent academic studies suggest it presents a variety of risks to humans. The government, relying on industry studies, claims the facts are unclear.

Bisphenol A is found in most plastic food containers today. Not only is it found in plastic containers, but also in the lining of most cans. BPA is essentially a synthetic estrogen that enters the body when one consumes food or beverages out of plastic or plastic-lined containers. This is not only harmful to the male reproductive system, but has been found to also stimulate breast cancer growth in women. Knowing this, it should be of no surprise that the sperm count of the average Western male is on a steady decline as many males are becoming more and more feminine. What most people don't know is that Bisphenol A was actually considered as the form of estrogen to be used in estrogen pills going back to the 1930s.

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