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DVD [Rob] - The Coming Plague

DVD [Rob] - The Coming Plague

DVD [Rob] - The Coming Plague
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The Coming Plague

Rob McIntyre s address to the 2008 Inverell Forum

What's Covered?

The World s Population Growth a problem? Yes for some!

Lemmings are you one of them?

Who is doing something about the Population Explosion ?

How could they possibly affect our fertility?

What really is cancer? Really?

Got cancer? Here s how to get rid of it.

How we can even prevent cancer.

Who profits from cancer?

The cure for any metabolic disease is also its prevention!

Do they really want to cure people?

Cholesterol oh, here we go again!

Ever heard of SV40?


The amazing pancreas!

Autism part of the global agenda .

NOW is the time to act! Lest we are too late.


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