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DVD - Aftermath - Population Zero

DVD - Aftermath - Population Zero

DVD - Aftermath - Population Zero
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Aftermath - Population Zero

"Aftermath: Population Zero" investigates what would happen if every single person on Earth simply disappeared.
National Geographic brings riveting portrayals of what could happen if we faced drastic changes to the environment, animals running wild or meltdowns and explosions all over the world.
This is what life will be like on Earth from Day 10 to one year after humans vanish from existence. Hopefully, this is the astounding story of a world we will never see.
What would happen if humans simply vanished off the face of the Earth?
Armed with that intriguing concept, this documentary from National Geographic explores the possibilities of a planet abandoned by mankind, imagining the likely scenarios as it renders startling visions of our human creations overrun by the forces of nature.

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