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DVD - The Age Of Transitions

DVD - The Age Of Transitions

DVD - The Age Of Transitions
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The Age of Transitions

This is a powerful documentary written and directed by Aaron Franz that gives a broad perspective as to how the “trans-humanist” movement is nothing more than a repackaging of eugenics, the ties with the UN (through Huxley, former president of the British Eugenics Society and his post as head of UNESCO), the “singularity” promoted by the likes of Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil and more.
It delves into how Darwinism has been used as a tool of eugenics promotion through social Darwinism and subtle indoctrination.
This documentary is mostly based on easily verifiable fact and thus I highly recommend it for those who don’t understand how something like trans-humanism, which might seem nice and dandy from the exterior, is nothing more than yet another attempt at the total subjugation and control of the human race and eventually the division of two races.
One race would be the elite who would have incredibly advanced cybernetic enhancements and life extension technology, while the rest of the human kind would be a sub-human, infertile, inutile, and incapable of free thought.
Share this with your friends who aren’t aware of how these principles can be used to justify such horrors as those carried out by the Nazis and the modern eugenics and sterilization efforts.
A quick list of topics that The Age of Transitions covers:
• Millennial expectations
• Nano, Bio, Info, and Cognitive technologies, or "NBIC" read the report from the NSF/DOC meeting.
• Trans-humanism
• Technological Singularity
• Eugenics
• Social control through knowledge of social science
• UK MOD Strat Trends report
• Mind control

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