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BOOKLETS - HPV Vaccination - Are You Absolutely Sure

BOOKLETS - HPV Vaccination - Are You Absolutely Sure

BOOKLETS - HPV Vaccination - Are You Absolutely Sure
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HPV Cervical Cancer Vaccine WARNINGS!!!

Australia has the 'second lowest in the world' deaths from Cervical Cancer, Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) CLICK HERE!

Less than 50 women a year die of this disease. Will the vaccine cause more injuries and deaths than it suppose to prevent? The US FDA (online) has said that any one allergic to yeast or any other agent in the vaccine should NOT be vaccinate with 'Gardasil'. CLICK HERE!

How is it that the manufacturers information leaflet in Australia from MIMS makes NO such statement. No statement about the yeast origin of the vaccine in the information either. Also, there were 5 reported cases of babies with congenital birth defects that were born to women who had had the vaccine within 30 days of becoming pregnant. There have been NO long term studies of its safety, effectiveness, nor possible interactions with other vaccines administered at the same time. For example, Hepatitis B and/or DTPa. The vaccine was tested on 15 to 26 year old females, but they intend to give it to children as young as 9 years old. The vaccine was produced using a transgenic yeast product. I believe a lot of people will have problems with that too.

The US Cancer institutes website CLICK HERE!

"Direct causation to cervical cancer NOT been established". How many people will suffer from adverse reactions to yeast, aluminium and borax contained in this vaccine? What will be the price on reproduction given the number of congenital birth defects already reported? Why is vaccine even being considered?

The HPV vaccine had such a low subject count in the test group between the ages of 9 and 15 years. It accounted for only 3.3% of the vaccinated groups. The Merck trials involved 20, 541 women 16 to 26 of age, and 1121 girls between 9 and 15 years of age. But the number of 9-year-old girls vaccinated in all trials has reported to be 250. Half of all these groups had the vaccine, while the other half had a placebo containing aluminium.

I ask how can a trial like this validate such data? So as to allow the use of this vaccine for a predominately lower age group of 9 to 15 years. The vaccine was only tested on 686 girls in that bracket. Yet this is the group they will be targeting for their mass vaccination campaigns. Of course, most of the girls will be 12 years old, the ideal age, preferably before they are sexually active.

I ask that all parents and girls get ALL the available information. That there is NO mortality rate of cervical cancer in this young age group and that this HPV vaccine has had NO long efficacy established. In other words, it will NOT protect them indefinitely. Like all vaccines, their supposed efficacy is only established for a few years or less. This is what we call vaccine failure, and the health department call 'boosters'.

Interesting because the Wollongong public health unit, the school immunisation coordinator. They are going to start in May this year with the HPV vaccine, girls in years 10, 11 and 12.

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