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BOOKLETS - The Global Agenda - Part 3

BOOKLETS - The Global Agenda - Part 3

BOOKLETS - The Global Agenda - Part 3
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  • Crude Experiments on Innocent People

  • Bird Flu - A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry

  • Autism Linked to Mercury Vaccine

  • Cot Deaths and Vaccines - Child Protection Turned On Its Head

  • 'Gay Cancer' - And The Man-Made Origin Of AIDS

  • Measles - The Real Facts

  • New Evidence That AIDS Was Spread Deliberately

  • Stunning Admissions on Contaminated Vaccines and AIDS.

  • ...But What About Polio?

  • Science Friction

  • The Creation Of a Lucrative Medical Industry In The 17th to 19th Century.

  • The Pain In Your Arm

  • Up to 1 in 20 of Clinical Trials May Be Fraudulent in England

  • US Government Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records

  • Vaccination - The Shot That Keeps on Shooting

  • Vaccine Adjuvants

  • Vaccine Boy's Mum Angry At Ban

  • Your Freedom Of Choice In Health Care Is Now Being Directly Violated

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